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About Lil Ninjas: 

The Lil Ninjas class is a martial arts foundation class specifically designed for children under the age of 6 years. Classes are 30 mins long, and are structured with high energy, excitement and plenty of quick changing drills and activities to help the students are focused and engaged. 

Our instructors are specially trained to teach children of this age group. All of our confidence-building exercises help to develop hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Through our philosophy of positive reinforcement, and the interaction with  instructors and children, your child will develop the  security and confidence to accept separation from you, be more focused and attentive, and ready for the upcoming road ahead in school.

Parents of the children in our Lil' Ninja classes tell us what  great changes we make to the lives of these children. To find out why contact us and come and see a class in action and talk parents about what their children get from the classes.

Our goal is to nurture these young people in a safe environment and allow their characters  and  abilities to develop. We believe that the early  years are the most important and if  you get them to understand the right values at this age, you will set  them up for life. 

Classes are fun and exciting for both students, parents and instructors. They are loved by our families, and are a great social environment for the children as they prepare for entering school.


Concentration - Good Behaviour - Stranger Danger 

Confidence - Coordination - Respect - Self Control