Grading Updates!

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

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Grading Updates and Notices!

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2020 is already here and we are watching it slip by week by week already. So lets get a few things cleared up and written out so everyone is on the same page regarding the gradings! Please carefully read through the list of changes for this year.


This year we have introduced a cap on our gradings. Why? Because we want to make sure that every student has equal opportunity to be noticed by the examiner, and have their chance to shine in their grading. Gradings are about the students getting to demonstrate what they have learned, and for family and friends to come and watch them achieve their next belt rank. We want to give the students the maximum amount of attention possible on the floor. Because of this, each grading has been capped at 16 students.

Invitations will still be sent out via email. You will now only have 5 days to respond to this invitation. If we do not receive an acceptance letter within 5 days you may loose your position in that grading. You will be able to accept or decline the invite. If you decline the invitation you will be automatically invited to the following available grading.


We are cracking down on class attendance. There will be ample opportunity for you to grading throughout the year, because of this we are enforcing the minimum class attendance. Your attendance does change depending on the class and belt rank you are aiming for. Please see the list below.

For example. If you are a Samurai Blue Belt wanting to progress to Samurai Purple, you need to attend 10 classes before your grading invitation be be released.

You can check your class attendance on your member portal app, or just ask your instructor to check for you!

For Samurais and Warriors, they will still need to achieve their 4 tips prior to grading as well. For more information on Tip Gradings please read the "ALL ABOUT TIP GRADINGS" post.


In addition to our capped gradings, we also have a minimum students required to run a grading. If 7 days out from the scheduled grading there is only 4 or less students registered to grade, the grading will be cancelled and all students will be automatically transferred to the following grading date. So it it very important to make sure you hit ACCEPT on your grading invitations when they are sent out!

A Black Belt is just a White Belt that NEVER GAVE UP!

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