April School Holiday Programs!

Hey!! You found the page with all our School Holiday Info for April in it!

Great! Lets answer all those questions and book the kids in for some fun!!

These school holidays we have 5 fantastic events happening! As well as 6 days of exciting martial arts classes!

You might of already heard about one or two of our Holiday Programs, but we do have 4 uniques programs, to suit different age groups and families. 3 of these events will be running in early April, with the Ladies Self Defence Course kicking off at the end of April. If you'd like more info about that just let us know in the form below.

All the information regarding our kids holiday programs can be found in each of the sub pages below.

Ninja Camp 3-6yrs

The Ultimate Energy Burner for the little energising bunnies!

The Ninja Camp is structured to suit kids aged 4-6yrs. However if older siblings would like to join in as helpers for the event they are encouraged to do so!

For only $20 the kids get access to Ninja Camp, and they will get to take home their very own custom made paper ninja star! Upon completing the Ninja Camp students will recieve a 3 class pass to use at any of our Ninja Martial Arts classes durring the school holidays. These classes are completely free, with ZERO obligation to sign up at the end. Its purely for the kids, and to give the parents some quiet time durring the school holidays!

To book the kids into the Ninja Camp follow the link below, or continue reading for further events!

Book in here: https://app.clubworx.com/s/dS5rOjdp

Samurai School 5-8yrs

Warrior Training 8-12yrs+

Easter Egg Hunt Event

Read all the info about the events? Great!!

If you haven't already, book in the family today via the link provided below. Also, on this form let us know if you'd be interested in our Ladies Self Defence Course, so we can keep you posted on that one!


We are excited to have the kids with us these Easter Holidays!

From the team at My Martial Arts

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