January 2022 News

We hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas, and got some time to rest and recuperate during the holiday period. We at My Martial Arts have been super busy preparing and organizing the next load of events, gradings, holiday programs and so much more.

We are very excited to share you with you just a few things coming to the club in January! Click the links below to be read what's coming soon!

- New Timetable and Pricing Structure

- New Adult Instructor

- New School Holiday Programs

PDF download: 2022 Class Timetable


2022 Timetable and Pricing

Welcome 2022! If you haven't already collected your magnetic timetable at front desk please make sure you do so at your first class back. If you haven't seen it yet, it should be just above this section, go and download it to your phone now!

In order to get the best out of all our students, we have decided to split the classes into different levels. Please read the below descriptions of each.

Ninjas - There are no changes to the Ninjas curriculum classes. They are best suited for 3-5yr olds. All belt ranks can participate in any of the Ninja classes.

Samurai - We have split the classes into Beginner and Intermediates for this age group. This way students will be able to focus more on their specific belt techniques and have more time with the instructors.

Beginners is for White, Yellow, Orange and Green belt students

Intermediate is for Green, Blue, Purple, Brown, Red and Black belt students.

Warriors - This age group has 3 new beginner classes, 3 new intermediate classes, 1 mixed level class and 1 new advanced class.

Beginners is for White, Yellow, Orange and Green belt students

Intermediate is for Green, Blue, Purple, Brown, Red and Black belt students.

Advanced is for Brown, Red and Black belt students ONLY

Mixed is suitable for all ranks.

Higher belt students are allowed to participate in the Beginners classes. They can help out by partnering with new students, or simply join in to refine the bread and butter techniques and refresh on the lower belt curriculum. Higher belt student will have to remember they are training with beginners, so there will be no takedowns, submissions, patterns or sparring in theses classes.

Adults - We have an adult class on 5 days a week now! 4 different instructors teaching their special niche. Read below what each instructor is bringing the to mats each week!

Corey - Tuesday and Wednesday -

Best class for beginners to start their martial arts journey. Coverings the basics of stand up and ground defense, these classes are great for building confidence, fitness and your understand of martial arts.

Justin - Monday -

Focusing on realistic stand up defense, boxing and kick training, Justins Monday class is perfect for those wanting to expand their martial arts knowledge and build up a sweat!

Jason - Thursday -

Take it to the ground, and get out! Thursdays class with Jason will get you feeling comfortable and in control on the ground and on your feet. Learn how to use your body to maneuver your opponent get out of bad situations.

Keiran - Friday -

Invite only. Keirans Friday class is for advanced students only. Train at a high level of intensity, train hard, train fast, and leave knowing you gave it your all. This class is shared with KMA Martial Arts Academy, giving you the opportunity to train with other students and clubs. This is class is Invite ONLY.

Pricing Changes:

With the new timetable set up we are changing our pricing structure. However, all our current students currently enrolled in membership will continue at their current price and program. The new pricing only affects new students.

Bronze membership -

$21 a week. Includes ONE class a week. Ideal for Ninjas and Beginner Samurais. Great for those busy families not able to commit to multiple days.

Silver membership -

$28 a week. Includes TWO classes a week. The preferred membership for any Samurai, Warrior or Adults starting out. Two classes gives students to best chance to take in and absorb the information and skills.

Gold membership -

$38 a week. Includes FOUR classes a week. The most common membership for any one keen to learn and increase their martial arts ability. Perfect for Warriors and Adults, and Samurais with too much energy!

Platinum membership

We also have a fourth membership underway. This membership includes unlimited training, as well as morning fitness classes (launching soon!) BBJ classes and weapons training. we will keep you updated as more of these program are opened throughout 2022.


Welcome Jason Griffiths to the Team!

As you already know our class timetables have been restructured to fit more kids classes in this year, but we have also been hard at work improving the adult classes on offer too! We are super excited to announce our newest instructor Jason to the team! He will be teaching the adults classes on Thursday nights focusing on realistic ground defense. he has so much knowledge to share and skills to teach! Read his letter below for further information on his background and martial arts style.

Dear Fellow Martial-Arts friends,

Just thought I’d share some exciting news for next year. From Thursday 6th January I’ll be teaching a regular weekly class of our brand Ittoshinkan Jujutsu out of a new local full-time training facility in Morayfield operated by Corey Greenwell & Taylah Boultbee of My Martial Arts

I’d like to thank Corey & Taylah for the opportunity and look forward to cultivating a fruitful relationship moving forward as we share a portion of martial journey together.

About Ittoshinkan Jujutsu

Jujutsu is the Japanese term that refers to a variety of unarmed martial practices. It is most often known for its techniques for joint manipulation, throwing and ground wrestling.

The jujutsu method taught through the Ittoshinkan reflects a variety of ancient and modern traditions, including Yoshinkan Aikido, Kodokan Judo and Brazilian Ju-jutsu. Sadly, today there is too much emphasis on staying on the ground and playing the 'game', focusing on submissions; something more engineered towards competitive success.

Whereas at Ittoshinkan our approach is simple; learn to survive the assault, control and gain dominance over your opponent, submit only if appropriate to do so, and manoeuvre back to your feet as quickly as possible to a safer position.

All techniques included in the curriculum are those that have proven most effective in varying situations [street & competition], and work against opponents of differing size and strength, in short, they will work on anyone. Students learn and progress through various ranges of combat including; the stand-up clinch, throws and takedowns, restraint techniques, escapes, submissions, ground n pound and No-Gi grappling.

Underpinned with strong etiquette and focus on developing high moral standards in our students.


We are looking forward to Jasons first class on Thursday the 6th of January. We encourage all our adults to come down, meet Jason and give his class ago! You can bet Corey will be on the mats training every Thursday!

Too see who else is teaching the Adults program this year head over the Timetable and Pricing Structure section.


New School Holiday Programs

We have some fantastic school holiday programs coming in January! Bookings aren't currently open, but we will update you when they are!

Thanks for reading through our January notice, and keep an ear and eye out for some more information regarding the school holiday programs!


The team at My Martial Arts Australia

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