Junior Assistant Course

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New Junior Assistants in the Making!

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Let's take a moment to congratulate these 6 Juniors on participating in the Junior Assistant Course over the weekend!

Adalynn (9), Mia (11), Ava (11), Ryan (12), Chloe (13) and Ben (17) sat their first Assistant Course on Saturday the 22nd of February 2020. The course took just over 2 hours to complete.

The first thing they covered was the value of a great first impression. Knowing how to make a great first impression on someone is valuable for everyone to understand. Having the ability to confidently look someone in the eye, give them a friendly smile, shake their hand and politely introduce yourself, is a critical part of gaining the trust and respect of their soon to be students and peers, both on and off the mats.

Next came a discussion in tonality and body language. It's not what you say that is important, rather how you say it that matters. They learned the importance of their tonality and body language matching the actual words that they speak and how this can affect learning and concentration in class.

After discussing this, the group progressed to the final, the most difficult, the most important, and (according to every ones faces) the most fun part of the day. Role playing!

Its easy enough to tell someone what they should do when they are in charge of teaching someone a certain skill. It's another thing all together to actually do it, and do it well, as the group very quickly realised. And it's even harder again when the student in front of you starts to make some mistakes (on purpose!) that needed correcting.

Everyone got a little tongue tided, forgot what to do, and giggles through the scenario! All which is expected during the first few role plays. But towards the end of the day they begun to shine and you could really see and feel their confidence growing!

The two teaching techniques that we focused on for the day were DECR and PCP. No idea what they mean? Why don't you ask one the new junior assistants when you see them in a class next? They should be able to tell you the answer!

The most important part of being a Junior Assistant is showing up with a smile, and having plenty of enthusiasm and excitement to learn

Adalynn (9) Chelsea (17) Chloe (13) Mia (11) Peta (18) Ava (11) Ben (17) Ryan (12)

Instructor Creed - I will teach this class because it's the most important class I will ever teach. I am patience and enthusiastic, I lead by example.


Learning to teach Martial Arts cannot be taught over a short period of time. Like anything else, it takes hours, weeks and years of dedication and time on the mats to become familiar with the students, to know how to effectively deal with different situations and scenarios. The most important part of being a Junior Assistant is showing up with a smile, and having plenty of enthusiasm and excitement to learn. As Mr Greenwell said numerous times - "Enthusiasm cannot be taught, but it can be caught"

Keep an eye out for these guys as they start to appear in the Ninjas and Samurai classes over the coming weeks. They will begin by setting a great example to the younger kids, lots of happy smiles, friendly encouragement and hi 5s!

Over time they will gain more responsibility in class, holding kick pads, handing out caught being good cards and eventually taking small groups of students for hand drills or kick practice.

They are very excited and filled with positive energy regarding their new roles in class. Don't forget to pay them a compliment so they know the positive impact they are having on the students and our classes.

We are very excited to see what this team of junior instructors will achieve by the end of the year!

Completing a goal just frees up time to start another!

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