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What an incredible weekend! Mr Greenwell, Miss Boultbee and Miss Matthews attended the 2020 MPower Summit on the weekend of the 6, 7, 8th of March.

The MPower Summit is an international event, running in Australia, the UK and the US each year. The team got to meet, speak and train with some amazing martial artists from across the world.


With over 40 workshops, covering 33 different speakers/trainers in just 2.5 days, you can imagine we learnt A LOT!! Check out a few of our favorite workshops we attended over the weekend!

Mr Greenwell trained with some amazing instructors in Jujitsu, Kickboxing, Mauythai, Foundation Fitness and more. So keep an eye out for some new games, drills and skills in classes! They were most likely pickup at the seminar. Mr Greenwell also had a few session on coaching new instructors, both adults and juniors. Over the coming weeks and months stay turned for new assistant and instructor courses with more depth and content then ever before! We are very excited to bring these courses to MYMAA.

Miss Matthews sat in on two fantastic seminars covering the dos and donts of teaching children with autism, how to interact, understand and most importantly listen to them. She also recieved the complete guide on running birthday parties (we are SO EXCITED to launch this in 2021!!!!) So keep an eye out on updates for that, booking will be taken as soon as the information packs are released!

Miss Boultbee picked the brains of many leading martial arts business owners and software developers to bring the club the best of the best in technology. She is always looking at ways to improve the relationships with parents, offer the best deals, and provide the highest quality of service. Miss Boultbee has pages and pages of information and tasks to do to improve the running of the schools and the quality of the services we provide here at MyMAA.


Keep you eye pealed for new updates as they roll out over the next 10months!

Mr Greenwell is continuing his training in multiple fields of martial arts, and has teamed up with a company called TIMA who provide some of the best content in Australia on how to build leadership teams, junior assistants and eventually new instructor opportunities.

Miss Boultbee and Miss Matthews will be busy designing the birthday party packs, and developing some new fancy technical changes to help improve curriculum, tip gradings, Facebook connection and merchandise.

All three of them have already rebooked to attend the 2021 MPower Summit, and are hoping to bring a further 3-5 instructors down to join them in the fun and learning! Because just like anything in life, there is always more to learn, and room to improve!!

Is there anything you'd like to see us improve in the schools this year? If so, send an email to Miss Boultbee! We would love to hear what you would like to see happen too.

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To finish off, Miss Boultbees favourite quote of the event is below!

YOU be YOU! And have fun doing it!

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