This Challenge will make me STRONGER!

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

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This Challenge Will Make Me Stronger

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Our Yellow Belt Mastery Mindest is one of our favorites. Chances are, when you look at past challenges you have faced, you can see how you benefited from them and also how these challenges helped to shape you into the person you are currently.

As a matter of fact, you are probably even thankful for some of your most difficult challenges you have faced because of all the opportunities it opened up for you.

It may not have seemed like the best thing at the time, but in hindsight you’re glad it happened!

While you are in the mix of change, it’s difficult to see the possible exciting outcomes above the fear, anxiety and stress related to the challenge.

For example. You loose your job? Pretty horrible situation. It’s financially stressful on the whole family, which leaves so much to go wrong. But take the time to sit back and think. Was I really happy there anyway? Is there a different field of work I would prefer? What new skills and opportunities could I now discover that I wouldn’t have had the chance to do prior? Use the opportunity to improve yourself!

Sure it will be tough, but use it to your benefit!

Sometimes you need bad things to happen to inspire you to grow, to learn, and to help you change! So take on the bad things, treat them like a challenge! And create a positive out of the situation. Even if the positive is as simple as being able to enjoy a quite cup of coffee at breakfast.

This Challenge Will Make Me Stronger should be an affirmation set in the back of your mind to use when you have to navigate rough waters. It reminds us of the importance of optimism and resiliency, and it can help you keep your perspective and stay focused on solutions.

I challenge you to put this strategy to work in your life. I challenge you to find a positive, and create more!

You get the opportunity to live today. So use it. Embrace it. And most importantly. Enjoy it!

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