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The Samurai Classes are for children age 6-9 years. This class focuses on discipline, concentration and self defence. Children in this class are taught the basics of martial arts and realistic self defence techniques for their age. Classes are 45 mins long, giving the students enough time to learn but stay focused and concentrate on the lesson ahead. 

My Martial Arts has developed the Samurai Junior program to enable students a better chance at learning age appropriate martial arts. Children in this class are taught how to defeat bullies without fighting, and about having inner strength, self control and respect for others. Classes are different week to week, so the children are always learning and improving each class!

This program works hand in hand with our mental growth program, which helps students understand and control their emotions, help build confidence, gain self control and above all guides them on how to show respect to everyone including them selves. Our Samurai program sets students up to achieve and grow, not only physically in martial arts, but emotionally and mentally as well. 

Self Confidence - Discipline - Focus

Communication - Respect - Self Defense