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Why did we start Sensory Classes?

Our sensory program has been designed to help students with ASD to participate, enjoy, learn and grow in a martial arts environment. Over the years of running Martial Arts classes for children, we were constantly faced with parents concern over how their child would cope and more importantly if the instructors would be able coach their child correctly, with patience and understanding. 

It has been our mission to find a way to support these children, and their families. 

Martial Arts has always been a sport of discipline and respect, and as much as most parents want their child to stand still, listen and 'look the part' many children don't. AND THATS OKAY! 



Our sensory classes are structured to be extremely flexible. This way we can cater for any child, no matter the type of day they may of had. Classes are capped at 5 students per class! This allows for some social interaction, without it being over whelming for new students coming in. We also allow for private/family lessons. If you would prefer starting their just let us know!


Classes run for 30mins, and are currently split into two age groups. Under 9s, and Over 9s. Available classes and times can be seen on the time table HERE

On the Mats:

Parents are encouraged to kick off their shoes and join the kids on the mats, this can help the child feel safe and secure knowing mum/dad is right there. Parents can hold the kick shield/focus mits so they can interact and support their child on the mats too. 

Some students don't need or want any help on the mats. and that too is completely fine! 

The Uniform:

We have a full martial arts uniform student can wear, we also other options such as a t-shirt and martial arts pants. Or if they prefer, they can wear their ninja turtle costume, or any shirt and shorts they are comfortable wearing. (just no dresses and skirts please) We are not concerned about what the students wear, as long as they are comfortable, and the clothing is respectable.

The Instructor:


We always say, its not about WHAT you teach, but HOW you teach it. You need the student to respond positively to what your teaching, so they can take in the information and act accordingly.


Our Sensory program is run by Mr Corey Greenwell. His patience and understanding with all children is outstanding, and comes highly recommend as a instructor. He is enthusiastic, yet calm. He is fantastic at getting the kids involved, and participating. His teaching style is flexible, and he is quick to notice a students trigger points, or hesitation in a drill. 

If your concerned about getting your child into a community sport, Mr Greenwell is the instructor you will want on your side. 

Booking in:

There is a few way you can book in a trial! 


You can either give us a call directly on 0450 322 433, and Taylah will be able to answer any questions you may have, and get the family booked in! 


You can complete the quick questionnaire form below and someone will be in contact to chat to you about your class options

Quick Questionnaire Form

or you can book directly into a class on the booking page HERE. The sensory classes are highlighted in RED. If there are no times slots that suit, that's okay, give us a call and we can look at other options for you!


A message from a parent;

As a parent of a child with Autism, ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorder I have always been cautious about placing my son into community programs. My sons first introduction to Martial Arts was at a Market where he got to have a sword fight with a Sensei which he enjoyed and said he would like to try a class.

We have now been with My Martial Arts for close to 2years now. My son went from having meltdowns in every class to now joining in, focusing, listening and having fun. If it wasn’t for how well the staff at My Martial Arts managed and supported my son from the beginning, I don’t think he would have the ‘inclusive’ feeling he has today.

Mr Greenwell has managed my son’s behaviours in such a calming, understanding and respectful manner that I can’t recommend My Martial Arts enough to anyone, and I do. Not only have they supported the meltdowns they have accommodated to my sons Sensory Issues with the struggles and discomfort in wearing different clothing materials such as the Gi uniform.

Thank you My Martial Arts for everything you have done for my family so far and we look forward to more amazing years to come.

Belinda Black.